Yet another New Chapter Question

Hi :slight_smile:

I wish to add new Language Chapter to DBPedia and I have dedicated server to process it. Yet, before I start, I want to assert something that is not very clear to me: Does creating a new Language/Chapter requires anything more than just processing dumps in the required language from Wikipedia (wiki data)?
Would I need to gather/code by hand any mass data for it to be functional, or the mere process of importing the Wikipedia data will make a (at least 90%) valid DBPedia chapter?

Hi @rubmz,

there is some conceptual work to do on how to set up the chapters properly. Did you read Simplifying the Chapter endpoint deployment
We are already extracting all data each month to take the processing load of the chapters. However, work on data quality remains, i.e. improving each language per scala code, and soon also help with linking national linked data clouds.

Which country/language are you talking about? I would see the chapters as research and industrial hubs for each country, like the go to place to connect data across silos and push open data initiatives.

Setting up a SPARQL endpoint is a good first step.