Welcome DBpedians!

Dear all,
DBpedia has an inclusionist model. Access to data and knowledge should be global and unified ( and free where possible) and we established this forum to further this mission.

Since we have an inclusionist model, DBpedia is huge. At the core there is data extracted from Wikipedia and Wikidata, around this there are derived datasets like the fusion/enrichment and also LHD, then there are services such as Spotlight, Lookup, SameAs and not to forget the main endpoint http://dbpedia.org/sparql and the chapters. All this is surrounded by 25k academic papers and a vivid business network.

So if you are in doubt, whether you are a DBpedian, chances are high that you are. Please suggest more categories as a reply here. We are also looking for moderators.

Happy posting!


Hello kurzum,

it is great DBp finally has a forum. I would suggest you change the Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post. spam-detection restriction to a administrator activating system or use captcha instead. Not being able to post links pesky.

I just spent an hour writing a nice forum post, linking all keywords to their respective sources, just for being prompted I cannot submit it.

But honestly, this reply’s primary incentive is for the system to hopefully remove the restriction automatically now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hm, I just gave you a higher trust level. isn’t this admin activation, already?

Thank you.

Does not seem like it, as I was able to post straight away.


My name is Augusto and I have worked with the open data policy and portal in Brazil from 2010 to '18. I also have studied and even taught semantic web related subjects, including being a DBPedia user for several years. I also have been a volunteer over the years in several open source projects, mostly from the Open Knowledge Foundation.

I hope I can learn more about DBPedia in this forum and perhaps even share with you useful information.

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Hi and welcome to the DBpedia Forum :slight_smile:

We are glad you are here! Feel free to start talking to the community, open a new topic or browse through existing ones, comment if you can help & ask away in case you need help.



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