Urdu Class identifiers messing up the Ontology - Call for Action

Dear Urdu editors,
cc @iRsaiLyAs1214 @mukarram123786 @jahanzaib123

please revise and adjust your edits to the DBpedia ontology:

make sure that

to read the Mapping guidelines carefully again.

Please also @ mention Urdu editors here that I forgot about. So that they aware of it as well.

Thank you.

DBpedians @Leipzig

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@kurzum Hi sir, Can you plz guide us more about that.

@iRsaiLyAs1214 @mukarram123786 @jahanzaib123 How is the progress here so far? We got already remarks from other editors that find it confusing and harder to work with the ontology now. Please take action soon, or we need to write a script which removes all classes and properties having non ASCII identifiers, which will forcefully delete a big amount of your changes.

@fati88 just realized that you created even more classes in the last days. please read this here very carefully, take action to correct your changes and communicate to it to your colleagues so that this does not happen again. If this keeps happening, at some point the only option seems that we need to revoke editing rights of some of your accounts.

@iRsaiLyAs1214 @mukarram123786 @jahanzaib123 @fati88
please @mention every urdu editor here which I forgot.

@jahanzaib123 @iRsaiLyAs1214 @mukarram123786 @jahanzaib123 @fati88 there are detailed instructions here Added arabic mappings - #2 by jfrey how you are supposed to clean up

No answer ? Can you please make UR users (if possible) sensible to the problem refering also to this post where @jfrey details the steps of cleaning redundant work. It would much help the community. Thanks.

additional ping for action to the last community updaters : @hammadanwar @zunaira-malik @huma12 @anamt761 @sadia88