Urdu Class identifiers messing up the Ontology - Call for Action

Dear Urdu editors,
cc @iRsaiLyAs1214 @mukarram123786 @jahanzaib123

please revise and adjust your edits to the DBpedia ontology:

make sure that

to read the Mapping guidelines carefully again.

Please also @ mention Urdu editors here that I forgot about. So that they aware of it as well.

Thank you.

DBpedians @Leipzig

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@kurzum Hi sir, Can you plz guide us more about that.

@iRsaiLyAs1214 @mukarram123786 @jahanzaib123 How is the progress here so far? We got already remarks from other editors that find it confusing and harder to work with the ontology now. Please take action soon, or we need to write a script which removes all classes and properties having non ASCII identifiers, which will forcefully delete a big amount of your changes.

@fati88 just realized that you created even more classes in the last days. please read this here very carefully, take action to correct your changes and communicate to it to your colleagues so that this does not happen again. If this keeps happening, at some point the only option seems that we need to revoke editing rights of some of your accounts.

@iRsaiLyAs1214 @mukarram123786 @jahanzaib123 @fati88
please @mention every urdu editor here which I forgot.

@jahanzaib123 @iRsaiLyAs1214 @mukarram123786 @jahanzaib123 @fati88 there are detailed instructions here Added arabic mappings - #2 by jfrey how you are supposed to clean up

No answer ? Can you please make UR users (if possible) sensible to the problem refering also to this post where @jfrey details the steps of cleaning redundant work. It would much help the community. Thanks.

additional ping for action to the last community updaters : @hammadanwar @zunaira-malik @huma12 @anamt761 @sadia88

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hi @kurzum, @jfrey, please let me know how to set up a Virtuoso SPARQL Query Editor for the Urdu language as “https://ur.dbpedia.org/sparql
as other languages can access it by their language code like: Virtuoso SPARQL Query Editor

Hi @anamt761,
nice to see that there seems to be some activities.

The process is usually that you as a chapter / language community set up a SPARQL endpoint based on your own Databus collection (you can create a fork for it, see the forum and this and then use the virtoso quickstart to load them) containing the files you would like to serve via SPARQL (so probably urdu) .

Then we would point the DNS to domain or server of the (urdu) community that host the SPARQL endpoint.

HOWEVER, pointing this official DBpedia DNS to a service where the urdu community hast the responsibility and control over requires some trust into that local community or chapter. At the moment some local communities and the DBpedia lab in Leipzig are very disappointed in the way the urdu community messed up the ontology and did not take action to fix it so far.

So in order to rebuilt this trust the urdu community should tackle these more important issues first (as mentioned here already).
Then we can proceed.

It made me really sad to read the last message. I have nothing to add.

oh sorry, the wrong query had been uploaded, I was asking about SPARQL queries that entertain for urdu!
As https://databus.dbpedia.org/dbpedia/collections/virtuoso-sparql-endpoint-quickstart-preview
This collection has been hidden by the author.

hey! @kurzum, can you tell me how we activate statistics for UR language as mapping has been done for UR ? Mapping ur - DBpedia Mappings

your statistics are not activated at DBpedia Extraction Framework Web Services


What’s the next step to make it live?

Hey! @jfrey As you mentioned in your comment, there was a mess created with DBpedia ontologies from the Urdu community, would you like to tell me about this wrongdoing with ontologies I have no idea because I didn’t do it. if sorted the issue then also tell me this.
please mention so I’ recover it soon.

Please, see the first message of this blog entry and also this Irritating arabic ontology classes and properties in mappings wiki.

I am sorry, but I can not help here anymore at the moment. I switched research groups and for the next 7-8 months I unfortunately do not have spare resources to tackle things related to DBpedia, esp. such messy and unclear (w.r.t to people being unreliable) things like this.

Somebody else from the community needs to take over. Maybe also @christianwia or @cringwald can give you some beginner tips in case you still have questions w.r.t. to the instructions how to fix the urdu mess. Before the ontology and the mappings are fixed I doubt that somebody is willing to invest energy and time into helping with more advanced stuff like mapping statistics and SPARQL endpoints.

Please also note that you definitely created classes with arabic letters in the identifier and therefore contributed to this mess

Please note that kurzum gave you admin rights in the mappings wiki so you can delete and grant editor rights to users. You don’t have to fix all the Urdu mess by yourself, just it clearly needs a coordinator.

In case there is still confusion what one of the goal is, I put it in simple words:
There should not occur any arabic (i.e. any non-English) letter in here Ontology Classes

Kindly respect this as my final message.

Hello @jfrey, @anamt761 ,

As you have the rights to edit the ontology, @anamt761 a first task could be to delete each messy :

  • classes, please begin with it : the final goal is to delete each urdu branches in the class hierarchy > click on edit and delete them
  • and properties

You have a delete button on the top, of each classes/properties this is where you need to click

A good idea for you could be to align the existing class with the Urdu messy one to use that work for filling label and comment to the existing class before to delete all of that.

This messy work was really impactful for the DBpedia community, and each chapter had to argue why DBpedia is useful. A decision maker, or any person who want to invest DBpedia, that give a look into the class hierarchy directly discredit the initiative. If you are able to correct it, it would be a really appreciated contribution @anamt761 !

Thank you

Ok, we are doing this, clear all mess. As soon as possible

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@cringwald , it’s done! now there is no mess in the hierarchy! please verify and also tell me how to get DNS for Urdu chapter

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Well done @anamt761 ! @jfrey @kurzum @janfo Who is responsive of the Serveur app maintenance ?

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excellent. so we can close this topic. I tried to reply at the corresponding topics,

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