Derive / Select data for a DBpedia language chapter


What SPARQL queries [on the Databus endpoint] do I need to do in order to get latest DBpedia dataset(s) for a non-English language DBpedia?

In particular, I am looking for DBpedia files for the Latvian language (“lv”).

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Hey @CaptSolo,
yes with a Databus account (log in required) this is quite easy. Databus Collections can be seen as a customizable dynamic shopping carts of data (files). You can just create you own customized collection based on EN latest core release and then change for all groups in the release the language if required/applicable.

The collection link for latest core files is . This collection updates automatically and always refers to the latest available files . A small part of data from DBpedia Extraction Groups (approx. 100 of 4000 files or 2.5%) is selected in the latest-core collection . If you would like to customize it, 1. register/login 2. go to the collection and click “Action” -> “Edit Copy”

See the gif below. Just repeat this for all groups in the tree where you would like to switch to LV.

you can also change/override the language for artifacts files only, since not for all files a Latvian variant is available, or just use a mix of EN and LV.

I hope that helps.