Need for the NLP Datasets

Dear DBpedia community,

I am a undergraduate student in China and I am new in this area. I look forward to learn about DBpedia from the NLP Datasets but these datasets have been unavailable, in other word, cannot be downloaded for a long time. Are there other ways that I can achieve these datasets? Thanks a lot !

currently there are no new NLP datasets, but you can have a look here (nif_*), maybe this helps.

@liigo which datasets do you need?

thanks! I will download some of them and have a look!

I want these NLP datasets:
Lexicalizations Dataset
Topic Signatures
Thematic Concepts
People’s Grammatical Genders
in this page

thanks a lot!

@liigo I added this to the Data Demand category, please read this: How to file a data demand request

Regarding the datasets requested. Our plan is to get this consolidated and produced frequently, however, the other datasets have a higher priority.

So we are opening this to any volunteer, that would like to give a helping hand. If we get somebody who manages to produce newer datasets, we can help deploy the extractors on MARVIN.