How to file a data demand request

DBpedia is a community project. As part of the Growth Hack, we are changing the structure a bit to grow more effectively.

  1. DBpedia core is a platform now: We have MARVIN the release bot with three servers pumping out the core releases.
  2. The community can supply patches and extensions to these core datasets. We can also deploy more extractors for different datasets from the community.
  3. Any other datasets or forks can be provided by the community for the community via the Databus (Free accounts and usage)

For each data demand request here, we will write whether it will be done by us as part of core or needs to be provided by the community.

Note: Databus will evolve into a data market, so you can charge something for maintenance of data or sell services on top. It is a fluent process. However, keep in mind that:

  1. Datasets provided by MARVIN are well maintained
  2. Free community provided datasets might be unstable or unsustainable over a long time
  3. Paid data will be better maintained than data without a sustainability model