Databus questions/issues

  • It’s quite hard for a first-time user of databus.dbpedia org to orient him/herself. Eg what is the “dbpedia” vs “marvin” group (what is the purpose of each) and what are the important datasets included in each? I can browse around, but nobody has the time to go through 350 datasets, so some overview of the available data would be very useful
  • where should we post questions or issues about databus content? I posted a couple at Other viable candidates are github com/dbpedia/databus-maven-plugin/issues, this forum, or the #releases or #databus-tools channels on dbpedia.slack com
  • what other datasets beside DBP and WD can be found in databus? A blog mentions KB, DNB and permid but I can’t find the latter, so posted github com/dbpedia/databus-content/issues/1

Thanks in advance!!

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This button is on the top of , maybe it is not well phrased. We can add a yellow “Beta” marker. You are right to be confused, is always online and looks decent now, but it is far from finished.

See e.g. where we link to the forum and the code, but the links are not well integrated yet. This message should explain some: Why we switched from email to the forum

“dbpedia” vs “marvin” group
they are not groups, they are publishers (a foaf:Organisation and and a foaf:Agent). Built after Maven with group/artifact/version

There will be a blog post about MARVIN soon. MARVIN publishes data as it comes out of the software for debugging. Then it is parsed and re-released under DBpedia.

The depiction above is already outdated. It is related to New CI Tests on DBpedia Releases and also Databus Mods which is two days old.

nobody has the time to go through 350 datasets

It is misleading, there are 114 artifacts, which then have consecutive revision or versions

Soon users like the DBpedia user will be able to make Collections like a DBpedia Core Collection or we will make a Factforge collection with the list of files loaded in Factforge, that Plamen send us.

Note that the system is managing the files, not the data. They are many and they are complex, but you can be more sure, that the next version of an artifact won’t break your application.

so some overview of the available data would be very useful

Try this query listing all dbpedia artifacts with label and comment

Otherwise suggestions are welcome. We are still discussing how a good overview would look like.

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Not many. The Databus is online, but still beta. Vaclav uploaded the LHD dataset

Databus is free, so you can make an account and start uploading metadata (you need a webid and a server to host your data). Like you could download permid and put it on the bus under databus:vladimir/reuploads/permid . Manual here. We have it on our todo list, but the DBpedia releases have to be complete and of better quality first.