Why we switched from email to the forum

Reposting my answer from the mailing list

On 21.08.19 18:29, Tom Morris wrote:

On Wed, Aug 21, 2019 at 3:23 AM Sebastian Hellmann
mailto:hellmann@...> wrote:

we switched completely to:

- https://forum.dbpedia.org
- Slack https://dbpedia-slack.herokuapp.com/

and http://blog.dbpedia.org for announcements.

That’s too bad. Why abandon such a nice lingua franca like email?


Hi Tom,

Email is not the problem, but DBpedia got too big. We started out with a
simple extraction of Wikipedia (which is now just the Generic group:
https://databus.dbpedia.org/dbpedia/generic), then came the mappings,
Spotlight, the ontology, the services, community add ons and links, more
tools. DBpedia Live, Fusion.

So you could consider us the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) for data.
ASF have a much easier job, I talked to them. They have way more
projects: https://www.apache.org/index.html#projects-list but each of
them is independent and has their own mailing list, which is
appropriate, i.e. one concern per list.

All DBpedia things are connected like Spotlight to the Ontology. Or
https://databus.dbpedia.org/propan/lhd/linked-hypernyms uses
https://databus.dbpedia.org/dbpedia/text/long-abstracts . So we need
global spaces where you can link and manage concerns together.

We moved the datasets from a language-centric to a extraction-centric
view, so we can link the data docu to the code better and also connect
to the forum:


This will go more crazy, when we move data debugging on S,P level:

In the future, you will need only the Databus/Forum account, a github
and a slack account to join any communication channel.

All that said, we will still post major updates here, but the up-to-date
music plays in the forum, slack and on the bus.

– Sebastian