Where is the mapping of infoboxes for which triples already exist?

Using the extraction tool I get results for page → Cascade_(houblon) under → results
To learn how it has been generated, I track for page → Mapping_fr:Infobox_Variété_de_houblon
associated to {{Infobox Variété de houblon}}
but this page does not exist. How do I find then the corresponding mapping ?

The last link you posted does not resolve / is no valid URL. I assume there is no mapping for it yet. see http://mappings.dbpedia.org/server/extraction/fr/extract?title=Cascade+(houblon)&revid=&format=trix no triple besides trivial label is extracted.
EDIT: just to clarify this is always extracted without any mapping

my idea would have been to create a mapping for it by selecting the infobox from here
Mapping Statistics for fr and then click on the edit button to create the appropriate mapping page for it. but I do not find it either.
@jimkont do you have any idea why it is missing in the list? this is probably fetched via the wikimedia
API right?

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Hey @christianwia !
You face on another interesting use case : wikipedia is counting today a lot of new infobox template for which we don’t have any mapping made. Sorry for the late answer but i didn’t have the answer in my hands.

Here the triple that you can see are the result of general extractor, but not specific mapping to the template “Variété de houblon” used in the wikipedia page.

Before all you need to have an idea of the mapping that you will create, for avoiding a blank page syndrom : to which class of the ontology you will map it, and which property you will catch and how. For it a good practice could be to go on the template description first : Modèle:Infobox Variété de houblon — Wikipédia
Thanks to this page you will have an idea of the possibilities offered to the Wikipedians

So for creating a new mapping pag, type this url in your web browser : http://mappings.dbpedia.org/index.php/
And add at the end :

  • The mapping branch where you want to contribute (here : Mapping_fr)
  • add it “:”
  • and the name of the template you wanna target (here Infobox Variété de houblon)

the result must be something like that : http://mappings.dbpedia.org/index.php/Mapping_fr:Infobox_Variété_de_houblon

If you validate the creation of the page, you lunch the rocket :
use this template

| mapToClass = CLASS
| mappings =
{{ PropertyMapping | templateProperty = PROP_NAME_IN_WIKI | ontologyProperty = PROP_NAME_IN_ONTO }}
and read How to edit DBpedia Mappings - DBpedia Mappings
Thank you again @christianwia