Versions of the DBpedia ontology since 2007


Milan Dojchinovski and I want to study the evolution of the DBpedia ontology and we woud like to have access to all the versions of the DBpedia ontology since 2007. The results could be useful for the DBpedia community.

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Carlos Tubbax

@carlos.tubbax I am not sure how these versions could be accessed. The ontology is generated from and all revisions are tracked there. If you find the code and revisions you can generate all versions from it.

Now we keep track of the dbpedia ontology here: every 8 hours, paper is here:

@carlos.tubbax Lets see how this relates to Archivo. It is very relevant effort.
Ideally we would re-crete the ontology from 2007 until 2020. Maybe @jfrey might provide some tips here. Lets see.

The easiest I can offer is to download the owl files of the individual releases see
These should represent meaningful snapshots. DBpedia Archivo has started in May 2020 and so far will have no look in the past. Since we have the revisioning system of the Mappings wiki it would be possible to generate plenty of working copies (many of which could probably be inconsistent) of the ontology but that could be a lot of work to achieve this with questionable outcome. There is also this memento depot but I am not sure whether this covers entites from the ontology. So i suggest starting with my first solution.