Using spotlight with non-wikipedia wiki dump?

Hello! I am wanting to extract information from a local mediawiki dump (e.g. fandom/wikia dump). Keep in mind most of this info is not on dbpedia, so i want to the dump as an input.

I have installed spotlight but I’m unsure of where to go from there, so I would appreciate some ideas/instructions if this is at all possible. Thanks

Hello @strayberryfilling,

Thanks for the question. An idea is to create your own model through the model-quickstarter project. However, DBpedia Spotlight use information from the DBpedia Extraction Framework (DIEF), particularly, disambiguations, instance-types, and redirects. If you could find the disambiguation, instance-types, and redirects for your mediawiki dump, the next step is to create your model (through the model-quickstarter project). I hope you found this information useful. Have a great day.