Using DBpedia to help CLDR translators

Hi, I’m using DBPedia to help CLDR translators translate language codes.

You can see the UI preview in that link, and I’ll post a link to the live site once it’s merged.

My query is as below. I’m not using 639-3 at the moment, but may do so later. I use the hypernymn to filter out dialects for now also, although I may want those in the future.

PREFIX  dbo:  <>
PREFIX  dbr:  <>
PREFIX  rdf:  <>
  { ?language  rdf:type             dbo:Language ;
              <>  dbr:Language
      { ?language  dbo:iso6392Code  ?iso6392}
      { ?language  dbo:iso6391Code  ?iso6391}
    ?language  dbo:abstract  ?abstract
    FILTER langMatches(lang(?abstract), "en")
    FILTER ( ( ?iso6391 || ?iso6392 ) && ( ( ?iso6391 != "none" ) && ( ?iso6392 != "none" ) ) )