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Dear Team DBpedia!
I hope you all are well. @cringwald & @christianwia, As you know the University of Sargodha, Pakistan, has been working on this project and we have launched our work and got a DNS server for DBpedia Urdu, but now the problem is about the class mapping that is given to do is not in the Urdu language due to which we are facing the problem the class is in Urdu but its properties are in other languages it seems like we are doing wrong mapping please guide us to do our work well and efficiently. we are exploring the issue in other countries like French and Ukrainian, but their work is purely in their native language. I am much disappointed to see the lack of Urdu properties in statistics. Please have a look at this there is a mess of language overlapping.

  1. Mapping Statistics for ur)
    Kindly positively put in your efforts as soon as possible.
    we are looking forward to your reply:

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