Urdu DBPedia mapping statistics

hey everyone!
I am a student, my team is working on Urdu DBpedia mapping, ( Mapping ur - DBpedia Mappings ) but the statistics of ur seem to be active. ( DBpedia Extraction Framework Web Services) ur statistics are not available or not listed yet. kindly put a focus on our contribution and make ur statistics live for ur languages as soon as possible.

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I am facing the same issue, in this regard @kurzum would need to answer this query.

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Hi @anamt761 @zunaira-malik , I sent this message in slack general:

@channel Hi all,
we recently had a lot of new DBpedians join for Urdu doing mappings at Mapping ur - DBpedia Mappings . The problem is that Urdu is not activated in the Mappings Statistics at DBpedia Extraction Framework Web Services code at extraction-framework/server at master · dbpedia/extraction-framework · GitHub
The core people are quite busy with fixing the abstract extraction, producing stable releases and testing. Does anybody have time to activate Urdu in the DIEF Web tool? We can redploy it then. Please message us.
– Sebastian

Let’s see if someone replies.