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hey! I need assistance to create the Urdu DBpedia chapter and still, and I am working on it kindly @kurzum, can you tell me how we activate statistics for UR language as mapping has been done for UR? Mapping ur - DBpedia Mappings

your statistics are not activated at DBpedia Extraction Framework Web Services


What’s the next step to make it live?

Moreover! please @jfrey As you mentioned in your comment, there was a mess created with DBpedia ontologies from the Urdu community, would you like to tell me about this wrongdoing with ontologies I have no idea because I didn’t do it. if sorted the issue then also tell me this.
please mention so I’ll recover it soon.

@jlareck is having a look. once he implemented the changes to make it work. i will deploy it.

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@jlareck did a good job and it seems to work now

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