Tabular data: extraction of infobox parameters that use specific templates

Some parameters of the Wikipedia infoboxes use tabular data. The call is carried out according some specific template with arguments, for example: {{Metadata population number DE-NI|12345}}. The problem is that from the code of this template you cannot directly get the value that is visible in the final (rendered) version of the infobox.

You can see such case in articles about cities in Russian Wikipedia. Example - articleВолгоград . Parameter “население” and “год переписи” of infobox “НП+Россия”.

There is also other case, when in wikicode of the infobox there is no parameter, but it appears in the final version of the infobox based on value of other parameter and using tabular data. Example: parameter “Einwohner” in .

Is there some relevant extractor that can work with such parameters?

More information about tabular data can be found on the page: