Support ‘truthfullness’ of property values? (Wikidata Extraction)

Hi Michael, can you post your question from LSWT here?

Hi, sorry for not getting back earlier
I have a question regarding parsing qualifiers and truthy values from Wikidata. For instance, Berlin has about 40 values of the population property whereas the truthy value contains the most recent one.
Currently, in the new DBpedia dumps all property values are stored in a flat manner, i.e., without a qualifier (year), which makes an endpoint to return all those 40 population numbers once queried for P1082.
Is there any plan to support ‘truthfullness’ of property values?


At the moment there is no plan to have truthy statements since this really depends on the use-case which triple should be considered truthy. However, we have a reified version of the mapping-based triples allowing to associate a triple with metadata (e.g. qualifiying information). Please have a look at . The qualifiers content-variant file should contain all the qualifier pairs of one mapping-based triple for which the quailifying-property has a mapping to the DBpedia ontology as well. The other file contains the actual triple (using W3C reification) and its statement identifier.

Thus the date of a population count could be retrieved as well and you could choose your own truthy value (e.g. latest value).
Let us know if this is helpful in your scenario, please.

We also extract similiar information for all raw triples (no mapping) with their raw qualifiers. However, we do not publish this files at the moment since they are quite huge and seem not very useful (one could query Wikidata right away).