✦ Submission of GSoC ideas not currently mentioned in list ✦

Two questions here, actually.

  1. How favorably are proposals that don’t cater to any of the provided GSoC topics received? Would such proposals have to be far more precise and technical with regards to the end goal intended, compared to proposals for topics already posted here?
    2.Would proposing a completely different model/framework for something that has already been posted as a GSoC 2020 topic, in contrast to some improvements, be considered of the category mentioned in question 1?
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Dear Diogenesis,

I’ve seen nobody from DBpedia have answered your question.
Anyone can propose a GSOC project.
It just needs to be focused on improving DBpedia.
You just need to create a topic in Projects, tag it with gsoc2020-ideas and follow the template:

Warm-up tasks:

Hi, its great that you like to submit your own idea. That is more than welcome. But please be aware while drafting your proposal to be super precise, with your schedule, goal, impact etc, Please consider all the aspects @emarx mentioned. They are neccessary to understand to feasibility, suitability ,for DBpedia as well as the scope and do-ability of your idea during the GSoC program.

Good luck and all the best. Looking forward hearing from you.