Spotlight returns the wrong @types


my spotlight model seems to return the wrong types but only sometimes.
I am using the german model and spotlight found the following entity:

'@URI': '', 
'@support': '384', 
'@surfaceForm': 'Benno Ohnesorg',
'@offset': '723', '@similarityScore': '1.0', '@percentageOfSecondRank': '0.0'

I was kinda confused by the returned types, so I checked the dbpedia link and surely enough the rdf:types are different there.

Am I missing something obvious? Spotlight works fine for most other entities.
I am not rearranging anything in the returned objects and the URI links to the correct word in the sentence.

Any idea on what could be happening?
I got my model from here:

@JulioNoe Can you please check?

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Hi @mingaflo,

Thanks for reporting this issue. I will check the output from different versions; if they have same output I will try to fix it for the next model release. Thanks again.