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It has been 3-4 weeks of checking and I have been getting “Service Unavailable” consistently every-time. Are there any plans of fixing it? It seems useful for developers to be able to visually see the hierarchy.
Referred from:

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We appologize for the problem and thanks for the info.

The server is up again.

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@m1ci doesn’t seem to be online:

@siffi26 please use: in the meantime. is also more up-to-date.

Yes, you’re right! Issue persists on
Thanks @kurzum for passing the site link. I will use for now.

Both links and are unavailable now. How can I check DBPedia classes and their properties? is new. It might have some hiccups at first, but should be more stable now. We will do minor updates over the next month.

Please report, if you find more problems.

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Thanks! I can access the new one now.

May be this is due to website maintenance.