Run lookup script on latest DBPedia 2019 Release

I want to run the lookup script to re-generate the index with the latest 2019-08-30 pre-release. However, there is no direct mapping between files mentioned on the repo ie. the following under

  • instance_types_en.ttl
  • instance_types_sdtyped_dbo_en.ttl
  • instance_types_transitive_en.ttl

How can I get these files?

This collection should contain all data that is has been in the 2016-10 release:

It contains the artifact, which should include the files you were looking for.

There is a new DBpedia lookup compatible with collections (the seach on the databus website runs on it) which can be found here:

With the new lookup you can select indexable (key,value)-pairs with sparql queries on the data. If there are any questions or problems, feel free to ask!