Return sameAs property in virtuoso sparql endpoint

Hello there,
once loaded the latest-core collection, my virtuoso sparql endpoint doesn’t return the sameAs property like
e.g. Climate change with the query

SELECT ?obj WHERE { <> (owl:sameAs|^owl:sameAs)* ?obj }

Is there need to load some extra artifacts?

Thanks for your help

Hey! Have you grep’ed through the files with sameAs in the name already on whether the files you load actually contain such triples? I checked Commons sameAs Links (2020.12.01) and did not see it. So may you can use grep to search through Replaced IRIs of sameAs relations (id-management) (2020.02.01) ?

@ricardousbeck is right, They are definitely in the collection and they are also in the query result set of the collection query.

@angeloper could you do a count on the sparql endpoint you have and also check the download dir, whether all files are there?

Also is a very import one as it is the recent cluster. If you just need the sameAs links, they are also loaded here:

curl -H "Accept: text/turtle"
curl -H "Accept: text/turtle"

But then I also checked and they redirected Global Warming to Climate Change recently:

Sorry, the new system is not yet in place:

  1. latest-core has files from different dumps, but we plan to make stable consistent releases as a fork from latest core in the future
  2. should be the stable id. So if we update it, then 4xGM8 should return the new result and tell you whether it still is 4xGM8 , but this needs some work and also docu.

Thanks @ricardousbeck and @kurzum.

I realized the replaced-iris of sameAs relations file has not been downloaded due the active italian version flag on databus that exclude the english version (don’t know why it was flagged considering that it doesn’t exist in italian).
So I created a new collection with this artifact and NO file was downloaded: the generated query of the collection has no result in the databus sparql endpoint (also visible in preview data tab).
Then I created a new collection with a custom query and copy/paste the query from replaced-iris page and it worked; I can retrieve sameas property.

@janfo can you please look at the collection what happened wrong there?

Very late reply, maybe it still helps!

There has been a bug in the query generator that is fixed now - the collection hierarchy of the collection you linked is corrupted, as it has an artifact node added as a group node which breaks the query generation. You can remove and re-add the group and artifact nodes and it should work.