Retrieve the date of the first representation of a resource in DBpedia

Hi everyone
I wanna know if there is a way to find out the date of the first representation of a ressource in DBpedia (for this ressource as an example: )

Hey I am not entirely sure what you are looking for, but there is a beta version of a software tracking down how values evolve based on Wikpedia edits (see for code and for demo )

In default mode it shows the last change for every entry in the Infoboxes and Chembox templates (see e.g. last changes for Scalatra) but you can also filter for specific properties (e.g. all ontology properties) and other types of templates.

If you set the flag whole it shows all changes (including the date when this fact was first represented in Wiki/(DB)pedia)

I did a little experiment. I abused the tool to show all the changes of rdfs:label (tool is actually intended only for properties coming from the infobox) and it delivered

<> <> "Mario Balotelli"@en .	# triple added	149937371	Matthew hk	2007-08-08T07:21:50Z

The third column is the wikipedia revision id and the last the time stamp.
So if we look at the changes of this revision we recognize this is the first representation of Balotelli as an “instance” of {{Infobox Football biography}} since the used template was changed at this revision.

You can actually leverage content-negotiation via memento to perform time-travel over the evolution of a resource (document) that describes a DBpedia entity.

  • Paris – circa July 2019

  • Paris – circa July 2010