RDFUnit SHACL validation

Hello all,

I am trying to get RDFUnit working with SHACL validation but some automatic tests are failing and no manual tests are detected in the RDF graph.

Command: bin/rdfunit -d ./test.turtle -r shacl -o ttl,html

Input test.turtle: https://gist.github.com/ChrisLahaye/402236227cdd88cd2943fc20ce6ae21a

Output: https://gist.github.com/ChrisLahaye/4a2b144ec7be272deb4c024218635736

Thank you,


Is it possible for you to provide an larger example .ttl file?
-d should be the data you want to test containing an ontology which is automatically detected

Thank you for your reply. Why a larger data file, wouldn’t that make things more complex. I thought it was best to start simple. How can I validate the combined shapes and data graph that I uploaded?

According to the RDFUnit documentation. if you want to provide custom validation rules you need to pass them with -s

that should be bin/rdfunit -d ./test.data.ttl -s ./test.shacl.ttl -r shacl -o ttl,html