DBpedia visualisation in tables


I would like to share with you a recent project of mine that makes use of the latest mappings dataset: Not sure where to link it so other DBpedia users can discover it?

I took the ontology classes, then expanded them a little and generated lists of subjects for each class, collected by either ?s rdf:type dbo:Class or ?s gold:hypernym dbr:Class, if it made sense to. The values then were collected from all the mappings dataset (?subject dbo:... ?values). The requests don’t go out to the sparql endpoint, instead I replicated the data inside a custom database. Might reverse this at some point – but it made filtering, sorting etc. very easy.

The resulting tables can be configured and shared via URL, for example the Pyramids in America from the start page.

Note that you cannot make use of cross-category references or queries in this project. It is meant primarily for non-programmers, who have so far mainly been excluded from DBpedia’s awesomeness, as far as I could see. All in all, Produpedia is very similar to the DBpedia as tables exports from 2016, just arguably more modern and accessible.

Hope you like it. I intend to keep maintaining it indefinitely (until it becomes obsolete for whatever reason).

Hi @phil294,
this can go here:

We are switching to quarterly stable dumps now. This could be an opportunity to include links in these releases.