Plato's theory of education

Plato’s Education System

Plato’s system of education is simple, not too complicated. Plato’s education system has two stages.

1.Primary education

Primary education includes physical education, intellectual education,moral education. Primary education is till age of 20 years.

2. Higher education

Higher education generally emphasized on advance education, philosophical education. This higher is from age 20 years till final examination. Those students can pursue higher education, who qualify the first examination, which is conducted at age of 20.

Primary Education-

It’s starts from age of 6 to till first examination.

Physical education

Physical education starts from the age of 6 to 10 years. Physical education is compulsory in every school. Every school should have a gymnasium and a playground. Plato believed that sports should be the main subject of the curriculum. Up to the age of ten all children shall receive mainly physical education. The main objective of physical education is to develop healthy health in children to combat various types of diseases so that they do not need any medicine in their future life.

Intellectual education.

Intellectual education takes place from 11 to 15 years of age. During these ages, children would receive music lessons to enhance their physical firmness as well as spiritual softness. During music education, children also get an education in science, mathematics, and history. The reason for this is that children do not have to be distracted from other subjects. That is why children were also introduced to other subjects such as science, mathematics, and history during their training in music.

Moral education

Moral education begins at the age of 16 to 20 years. For Plato, education is incomplete without moral education. He was of the view that ideals like justice, fairness, and compassion should be provided to all. Plato argues that providing education will help develop a better society. In other words, moral education is necessary for the development of the character of an individual