One chapter per language

Would it be possible please to define/declare a chapter for each language identified in DBpedia (particularly for mapping) in order to have a contact point coordinating the corresponding community ? thanks.

Hello @christianwia,
the list that you mention is already up-to-date, the chapters that you can’t find inside it, simply do not maintain a sparql endpoint allowing to access corresponding DBpedia data.
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I thought of the case of UR language - a fallback solution should then be provided in this array for coordination.

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hum… I don’t know because the Urdu community didn’t host a sparql endpoint for accessing to the Urdu DBpedia data.

hey! please recheck it; I had hosted a SPARQL endpoint at port 8890, Now I need DNS to host

@anamt761 please tell me the IP address or domain name of the server that will run your sparql endpoint (in the future) and hosts the simple website for the chapter, then I can point to that server.

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The IP address of our server

ok. done.

is this DNS hosted to the given IP Address?

yes and it seems to work