Offline dbpedia for commercial use


I would like to ask you if it would be possible to use dbpedia offline for commercial purposes or are there any license restrictions?


Thousands of companies already do use it, e.g.™ or–-dbpedia-sql-semantic-knowledge-platform or Virtuoso

Abstracts, i.e. any textual parts of two sentences or above are CC-BY-SA if they come from Wikipedia. This is for these datasets:

The other data is CC-BY, meaning that you need to include links back to dbpedia to attribute, if you publish on the web or anywhere as attribution, this link can either be visible or in the machine readable part, i.e. microformats/JSON-LD, etc.

If you would like to include commercial applications of DBpedia on our website (like shown above) , please write us (wither pm me or to

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