New to DBpedia and excited to contribute

Greetings, I got to know about DBpedia from one of a friend and I’m interested to contribute and learn more about the same. I’m comfortable with python and NLP related tasks, could someone kindly share the tips and tricks on how to get started and familiarise myself with DBpedia

Hi @0tist,

thanks for your interest in contributing to DBpedia.
A DBpedia hackathon just started and there is an Improve DBpedia track, where you can join and contribute.
To join the Improve DBpedia track just join the #hackathon and the #improve-dbpedia channels on the DBpedia Slack workspace. You can join DBpedia on slack via

The description of the Improve DBpedia track is here:

The tasks behind the Improve DBpedia track are grouped into four Task Forces (TFs).

  1. Find-Test-Fix task force - participants identify an improvement task, write a test and implement the fix.
  2. Open Data Quality task force - participants implement a method/algorithm which fixes a data quality issue for a particular DBpedia dataset.
  3. Knowledge Extractors task force - participants improve existing or develop a new knowledge extractor for the DBpedia extraction framework.
  4. Concrete & Complex task force - participants work on a very concrete tasks and develop a solution, e.g. Create a DBpedia Data Overview.

While each of the task forces are individually defined, very often tasks and work within one task force will partially span/overlap with other task forces.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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I am a bit clueless as to how all this works. But I was using Alchemy to help me write better copy. And then it moved to Watson. As I was doing research, I saw that the section on “common law” is missing and I want to help author it. I am a lawyer and an expert in English and American common law. How can I help fill in the blanks?

Here is the missing section.

I am very interested in natural language learning and used to do seminars about how it affects lawyer search. I love the forum and am glad to be here. Thanks!