New strategic DBpedia dataset

A new DBpedia data set for disambiguation of search contexts is of security interest to the public. This is largely responsible for the “IQ” of search results. A search query should attempt to return results for various contexts and perhaps offer search minimization based on guided contextual filtering. For example, if I search for spice, which is an ontological category of electronic circuit simulators, I should be able to get something amid spice girls and seasoning. Additionally many older search topics of interest may be identified by ambiguous identifiers or be obliterated by financial motives This proposed data set would serve this need.

This is strategic because search is clearly important to search IQ and should be kept honest by the existence of public knowledge domains. An engineer or scientist would be devastated if their search IQ dropped to 80 in front of a paywall or some other restriction. Circuit simulators would not exist and many other things. This is why this data set is a strategic public security interest. It is at the root of intelligence, and by intelligence I of course mean the ability to acquire, understand, and use knowledge.

Hi @commuted,
I read your post several times, but I have a hard time getting the point. What is search IQ? And how would such a dataset look like?
Do you know Lookup: It does some of the things you are mentioning above.

Hi, I moved this project idea to the main category ‘Projects’.

That should be addressed by the Nerual Cocept Discovery project: DBpedia Neural Concept Discovery