New season of GSoC 2024

Hi DBpedians,

the new season of Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is about to start soon. Changes for GSoC 2024 has been released here. Please check the timeline .

We can submit our application at the beginning of February 2024. We have around 8-10 weeks to come up with some cool new projects. So, we need your ideas!

Start collecting them here and tag them with the following tag #gsoc2024-ideas. Please use the structure we had always used in the past in order to provide project details on the project idea.

Warm-up tasks
Project size (90h, 175h or 350h)

For any questions or remarks, just get back to us here in the forum or on slack.


on behalf of the DBpedia Association

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Hi Julia,

As a student eager to participate in the DBpedia project during the 2024 GSoC, I have a question regarding the proposal submission process.

I would like to clarify whether it is recommended to wait for someone within the organization to share project ideas in the #gsoc2024-ideas channel. Should I then focus on developing solutions for these proposed ideas, or is it preferable for me to generate my own project ideas and draft the proposal accordingly?

I appreciate your time in addressing my query. :smiley:

Best wishes,

I’m a full-stack web developer my tech stack is mern and Next js . what tech stack does DBpedia use? I’m aiming for gsoc 2024

In the coming week we will put our ideas online here in the forum. If there are preparatory tasks, you can complete them and contact the mentors. If you have an idea of your own, you can post it here and find mentors to support it.


Hi, Please check the DBpedia website. Resources - DBpedia Association

Hey juliah! Thanks for the information!! I wanted to know if the projects will be somehow similar to the last year, or the tech stack will remain the same… please help me with some insights!!