Need Help Downloading Triples for Geography of India

I’m a fairly experienced SPARQL user but everything I’ve done has been for ontologies and knowledge graphs that were relatively small (10-100’s millions of triples). I’m working with a startup that is building a tool that will make it easier for small charities in India to get funding with less hassle on documentation and bureaucracy. The system is built with an OWL knowledge graph developed in Protégé and then hosted on Allegro Graph’s triplestore. We were entering data about Indian states, districts and cities by hand but I realized that’s ridiculous and I think all the data we need is in DBpedia, e.g., here: About: List of districts in India I’m just having trouble figuring out how to get it. My first thought would be to do something like:
SELECT * WHERE {?d a dbo:IndianDistrict; dbo:abstract ?a; rdfs:label ?lbl…} but it looks like DBpedia uses categories (?) rather than types to classify things. I’ve tried various queries here: OpenLink Virtuoso SPARQL Query Editor but there are so many different namespaces and properties I’m getting lost and I’m also getting errors in my queries. I started looking through the Virtuoso documentation but it seemed to have lots of (very interesting) stuff that wasn’t relevant to what i want to do, so I thought I would ask for help. So… Help! Thanks in advance for any pointers, examples, guidance.