Most updated wikipedia articles category

Hey everyone,

In wikipedia, I wanna know what is the category with the most updated articles? for example, soccer players articles are updated every 3 to 7 days on average, is there a category with articles updated, let’s say, daily?

It might be that the Wikimedia api:
or the stats are helpful:

Normally, Wikimedia is quite good at stat keeping. If you want to query this together with DBpedia, you would need to extract this as RDF somehow, ideally as part of the extraction framework and then we might load it alongsite the data.

@kurzum I don’t really need the statistics itself, I just want the category of articles with the most update, preferably daily, like financial data for example, but they are not represented in wikipedia

That is a a very custom statistic, i.e. an aggregation of update per article on the category level. I think you would have to do that yourself. If you do it, we can link to your work or if you make it fit, we can integrate it into DBpedia That is normally how it works. DBpedia is made for custom extensions like LOD.