Modification/Addition date of a triple

Hi Everyone,

for my project, It happens that I query DB-Pedia to extract certain attributes/relations of an entity of my interest. Let’s say, I want to know who is the CEO of a given company. However, as there is always a history of changes in the C-level of a company, such a query usually returns a list of people who are or have been the CEO of the given company at some point in time. Still what is important for me is to differentiate between the person who is the current CEO and the former CEOs. I thought that if I can somehow find out when every triple is added to the DB-Pedia, I can somehow make a good guess on the order of the assignment of CEOs.

In short, given a query (e.g. to find the CEO of a company) is there any possibility to find out for every returned statement when they are added to DB-Pedia or alternatively when was the last time they were modified?

Please use “DBpedia”.

The information you seek is not available per se. You could analyse either the dumps or the live logs.
Also there is:

Hi @omidmoradiannasab there is a beta version of a software tracking down how values evolve based on Wikpedia edits (see for code and for demo )