Mappings wiki account requests

@anamt761 done, happy mapping!

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I am a student and working to improve dbpedia english ontology. Thanks

@mubashar0612 : your account does not exist

I have created the account now, please check again. Thanks

@kurzum, thanks for your response, but kindly tell me please, from where to start my first step for mapping
kindly guide me, I am new here want to work on Urdu DBpedia mapping.

@anamt761 the mappings are here: Mapping ur - DBpedia Mappings

I checked DBpedia Extraction Framework Web Services and it seems that ur needs to be activated there. I created an issue: redirects · Issue #696 · dbpedia/extraction-framework · GitHub

The basic process is that you find a often used infobox in and then create a mapping for it.

ok, but for mapping, I also face problems with the Databases connection. for database connection, I follow this link, but the connection is not built yet.

what should I have to do now for a database connection?

Username: iamanshujha

@kurzum kindly tell me, is this (anamt76188) my user account or editor?

@kurzum, can you tell me please from where I got this password?
---------------------------------“sync password”------------------------------------

Hi @iamanshujha,

There is no user by the name “iamanshujha”. Check your spelling.

Did you register?

I have no information on the state of the mapping tools. The RML mappings-ui does not work. For the one that needs a sync password, @jimkont would need to answer.

By the way, you can just click on edit in the wiki and do edits there. I checked your account and it has the right permissions.

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hey! can you tell me how we activate our statistics?

ur statistics not activated at DBpedia Extraction Framework Web Services

what should I have to do now?

Kindly grant me access to edditing mapping in Urdu.
my aaccount name is …