Mapping: What to do if the Wikipedia template documentation does not follow its template contents?

I open statistics for Succession/Ligne on → Statistics for template Succession/Ligne
All seem to correspond but I point out property ‘133 taille’ is not mapped.
I check the wikipedia page Modèle:Succession/Ligne — Wikipédia
but the parameter ‘taille’ is absent from this documentation page.

Getting into the template source, ‘taille|’ is used for {{Succession/Case}} and together with avant taille| / taille| and après taille|

{{!}} {{#if:{{{nbno|}}}|rowspan{{=}}"{{{nbno}}}"}} style{{=}}"text-align:center; padding:1px; text-align:center; {{#if:{{{couleur2|}}}|background-color:{{{couleur2|}}};|background-color:white;}}" {{!}} 
{{Succession/Case|taille={{{taille|}}}|nom={{{nom|}}}|nom note={{{nom note|}}}|période={{{période|}}}|icone={{{icone|}}}|iconeG={{{iconeG|}}}|iconeD={{{iconeD|}}}}}

This contents is difficult to interpret but should we understand that if it is not documented it should not be used ? (and then not detected for DBpedia mapping) or are there problems in the regex used during dbpedia extraction process ?.. Thanks.

At this time, I have got the correction made in the corresponding documentation : diff and discussion page so the documentation is aligned with template body.

Anyway, it remains the problem for extraction regex to interpret now the 3 parameters: avant taille| / taille| and après taille|