Mapping : should transcluded templates be ignored in infoboxes?

I have observed that in Infobox mapping, the template parameters are not recognized (that means the recursivity ‘template of template’ does not operate for mapping)

Looking a bit around this question, I ve seen in that transcluded templates are dropped although the page is well tagged with :

def clean(text):

    # FIXME: templates should be expanded
    # Drop transclusions (template, parser functions)
    # See:
    text = dropNested(text, r'{{', r'}}')

    # Drop tables
text = dropNested(text, r'{\|', r'\|}')...

Example: ‘date préc’ in Statistics for template Infobox Musique (œuvre) coming from

divers={{Succession musicale}}
in Modèle:Infobox Musique (œuvre) — Wikipédia

In order not to waist time, can someone confirm we dont need to take care of template transclusions when mapping the infoboxes ? Thanks.