Mapping: how to declare a template ... to be a template?

[A] I have created page → Mapping fr:Succession musicale - DBpedia Mappings
to content the mapping of template {{Succession musicale}}
described in → Modèle:Succession musicale — Wikipédia
and used on Wipkipedia here → Pages liées à Modèle:Succession musicale — Wikipédia

This mapping page appears well on the statistic page → Mapping fr - DBpedia Mappings
and links correctly to its use in Wikipedia.

But when I click on ‘properties are not mapped yet’ →

java says => Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not find template: Succession musicale

Then if I try to list all templates → Mapping Statistics for fr
i dont see {{Succession musicale}} in the list (coherent with msg ‘not found’ of Java)

[B] On the other side if I take its neighbour i.e. {{Succession/Ligne }}
leading to page → Mapping fr:Succession/Ligne - DBpedia Mappings
and the page ‘properties are not mapped yet’ →
Statistics for template Succession/Ligne
it returns the correct page with green blue red property selections and
{{Succession/Ligne }} is in the list of all templates (correct).


  1. why {{Succession/Ligne }} is a well detected template and {{Succession musicale}} is a missing template for template mapping ?
  2. if {{Succession musicale}} is a template to be ignored, why the ‘divers = {{Succession musicale}}’ in ‘Mapping fr:Infobox Musique (œuvre) - DBpedia Mappings’ notifies that ‘divers=’ must be mapped ?