Low-code development project for the rapid modeling and generation of applications making use of DBpedia

Hello everyone !

I am Walter Almeida, the creator of the low code development platform Generative Objects that I am now open sourcing and that I have been building over the last 11 years.

My intention is to participate to the emergence of a more open internet, including initiative like DBpedia, but also all projects that are going toward a decentralized internet. Here is more about my project and intention: https://modeling-languages.com/low-code-open-source-platform-generative-objects/

In this direction, I am exploring to see to what existing technological project/community Generative Objects can bring immediate value to, as a way to accelerate the creation of applications on these technologies through low-code development.

With this intent, I have realized a first integration of SPARQL end point data sources at large, DBpedia in specific, to allow the fast modeling and creation of applications on top of DBpedia. Here is the link to a demonstration on how to create a full web application on top of DBpedia data sources using the low-code platform Generative Objects :

I am very looking forward to hearing your feedback and especially what value you find in this approach.

This is just a first attempt, it could go much further if there is interest and we work together on this integration. For instance, one main improvement I can foresee is to be able to automatically infer the full DBpedia ontology, so that there would be no need to model data, just select which entities and fields to connect to.

By the way : the approach is code generation, the result of the generation is a full open, human quality code base, decoupled from the Generative Objects platform that generated it.

So feel free to react on this, and I would love if we could co-create something together, DBpedia lovers and data experts for the DBpedia side and myself and other low-code lovers for the low-code part ! Let’s connect :wink:

Thank you !

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Anyone, any feedback on this approach ? thank you

Your app looks interesting.
Where can I read about it?
Is this a Single Page Application comprising HTML, CSS, and Javascript?

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Hello @kidehen,

Are you talking about the final application using DBPedia data sources, or the low-code platform itself used to generate the app ?

What is you interest in DBPedia ? and in creating applications using DBPedia?

Yes it is single page application (both the generated app and the low code platform, which is itself a generated app), using vanilla javascript + micro libraries like knowckoutjs. We are preparing a new version using ViewJS. And there is a server side appplication in C# / SQL database, all fully generated from the model.

If you want to learn more about the low code platform, you can join the forum here : https://forum.generativeobjects.com
We are actually preparing the full, public open sourcing, welcoming a few developers right now to help on the latest details.

There will be documentation coming with the open sourcing, not available yet.

If you are interested in the generated / DBPedia application, tell me, I could push the code and make it available.