LOD Cloud SPARQL Endpoint List Updates

One of DBpedia’s greatest achievements lies in the pivotal role it continues to play in turning the vision of a Semantic Web into reality via the LODCloud.

As part of the LODCloud effort (starting in 2007), a number of SPARQL Endpoints emerged around the initial SPARQL endpoint provided by DBpedia. Today, that cloud has grown into the largest Knowledge Graph on earth (by far!) and continues to drive new frontiers related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Having established itself as the preeminent global Knowledge Graph on earth, it is extremely important that we maintain an active list of SPARQL endpoints using practices that scale. Thus, we are providing a shared Google Spreadsheet for crowd-sourcing the maintenance of SPARQL endpoints that make up this important Knowledge Graph.

At the very least, all the SPARQL endpoints associated with DBpedia Association chapters should be on this list.


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