Live endpoint how to access wikipedia outlink pages

SELECT * WHERE { ?c .}

How can I access Wikipedia page link from the live endpoint

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You can use markdown to make your queries more readable :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you specify your problem? Do you not know the correct syntax, the querying process or are you looking for the correct property?

There are:
And also that you can then use with

  <> <> ?c . 

So this might do the trick if that’s what you are looking for.


Thank you for your reply and welcome message.

I am not very well versed, and I apologise for not being clear.

I am using Python’s SPARQLWrapper to make a query to DBpedia endpoint. The information need is to access outlinks of a Wikipedia webpage, such as Wikipedia article of Spain has outlinks to Archbishop, Autonomous_communities_of_Spain and so on. I am able to retrieve these from and unfortunately not able to do this from the live one.

If my query is incorrect, can you help me with the correct query, the above mention query works with Python’s SPARQLWrapper.

How does markup works, can you share link.

Thank you and kind regards.

The live endpoint is at

But it does not return anything from the live endpoint. However, the older version works:
I am actually looking to access the live version for COVID-19 related task and it makes sense to use most updated information.

Looks fine to me: lists all relevant pages for pandemics.

select ?corona where 
?corona <> <> .
FILTER (regex (str(?corona),".*coronavirus.*"))

which is ~300
There was also a thread regarding this: Tracking Corona in Wikipedia with a new mapping

Also you could try these datasets:
(generic 2020.04.01 is still running and available in some days)

This is not what I am looking for, let me explain, for example, the page has wiki outlinks,, and so on. I need these links for the analysis

You can open the Wikipedia webpage and see inside these links inside the content, which I was able to recover from the older version of endpoint: but cannot recover the live endpoint.

I still don’t understand what you need. has



You are describing how Wikipedia is. I can not help you.

The version of the endpoint has not changed since 2017

Let me clarify it with the code that I am using and also provide documented references from DBpedia.

Following contains SPARQL code written inside python which works for the endpoint (old index), but when I try this with the live endpoint, it returns empty. You can try the code it works (and if you change it to live endpoint it does not return anything).

from SPARQLWrapper import SPARQLWrapper, JSON

sparql = SPARQLWrapper("")
q = "SELECT * WHERE {<> <> ?out .}"
a = sparql.query().convert()

The above code pulls all Wikipedia outlinks (hyperlinks).

The link: refers to them as Page links and also on it is described as the same. File preview also shows it i.e., <>