Lifecycle Management of DBpedia Neural QA Models - GSoC2021

This project will consist of automating the process of DBpedia Neural Question Answering [1] model lifecycle management with the following tasks:
(1) make DBNQA models based on current dataset available to users;
(2) implement an evaluation service for DBpedia model evaluation with IRBench [2];
(3) integrate automatic build when changes occur in the DBpedia NSPM training dataset.


Create a Nerual Model Management Framework

Facilitate Neural Model life-cycle managing (updates, editions, issues) on new and old DBpedia versions.

Warm-up tasks
(1) Fork the NsPM project ( );
(2) Train the Monument 300 and Monument 600 datasets;
(3) Fork the KBox project ( );
(4) Instantiate one of the datasets available in KBox.

Edgard Marx

#NSpM #DBpedia #ModelManagement #AI #AIManagement #AILifecycle