Interview regarding data classification & engineering ethics thesis

Hi all!

So, I am currently working on my thesis for the Media Studies master program at Maastricht University. My topic explores the intersection between data classification and engineering ethics.

As part of my research, I would really like to have a quick chat with data scientists or knowledge engineers with experience in data classification and DBpedia’s ontology in particular.

If any of you has such experience, would they be interested in having a call with me sometime in the next week? If necessary, I can send the questions in advance.

Edit: You can also write me an email: a.shoylev[at]

Thank you!

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Hello A. Shoilev,

There is a chance I might be able to help you. I’ve been working as an information architect and have some knowledge about the DBpedia ontology. Let us look into the matter with greater detail next week. Please send your questions to gerard[at]
Regards, and have I nice weekend,


Gerard Kuys