Inconsistent : page OntologyClass:WorkSequence exists together with message **Class not found**

In the mapping ofœuvre)
, I have mapped to class
which page exists, and is defined as subclass of List.
If I open page WorkSequence and I want to see it in class hierarchy then it is missing there and I point to the root.
When I then try Show all properties available for this class I get message Class not found

request for @cringwald to provide me with additional rights to be able to delete my own pages when they are wrong and reestablish coherence in some way. Thanks.

Hello @christianwia don’t panik, all the URL that you see with URL containing “/server” depends of the server update, it will be updated when the german team will redeploy the server.
@jfrey could you poke us when it will be done ?

sry the automatic redeploy every night had a hickup.
now it is visible.
w.r.t. the status with “live” updates of mappings subscribe to this topic

good all is in progress.