I want to improve Chatbot for DBpedia?

I am interested to contribute for Chatbot for DBpedia
I have few suggestion for same project
I have following suggestions:

  1. add multiligual features
  2. Deploy it on google assistant or other platform like google assistant
  3. Improvised the web interface of the chatbot using ReactJS
  4. Deploy it using google cloud or AWS
  5. increasing horizon of Chatbot for using Intent base classification using machine learning and update the outdated content of Chatbot for DBpedia
  6. Increase user experience by adding better Fallback
  7. Adding custom spellchecker and auto suggestions while typing
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I am sure you might be aware of the dbpedia chatbot here: https://chat.dbpedia.org/ or https://github.com/dbpedia/chatbot

If you are interested in improving this, you can write a Google Summer of Code project proposal and let us know how you will achieve that!