HTTPS support for DBpedia APIs

I would like to be able to access DBpedia’s API services from my HTTPS-hosted web page, but it appears that there are only HTTP versions of the DBpedia API exposed. This causes a Mixed-Content security error in most modern browsers, and the typical solution is for the API provider to make their service available via HTTPS.

I’m trying to access the LDF service as described here: (note that this is HTTP)

But my website is HTTPS, so my browser prevents this security violation (Mixed Content).

I would like to know whether there is a HTTPS version of the above LDF API to DBpedia, and if someone could provide me the proper URL to access it.

If not, is there a plan to address this limitation? While I could use a proxy, it seems an unnecessary burden considering most browsers encourage HTTPS nowadays.


Thanks for spotting this, we are trying to consolidate research prototypes at the moment into these categories:

  • applications for download and self-deploy
  • shared services: high quality free services with no guaranteed sla
  • dedicated (paid)

I will ping Ruben who hosts LDF to get a statement.

Indeed. Good news is that we have scheduled HTTPS porting for all of our services this summer, including

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@RubenVerborgh We are collecting services around the data currently manually.

Could you complete your record here:

You can check how it looks here:
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