How to map a value defined by a template?

Hi all, Linear mapping is easy but in infobox Modèle:Infobox_Musique_(œuvre)
i have to developp a node for ‘-divers’ wich contents “artiste, précédent, date préc…” and this no longer belongs to {{Infobox Musique (œuvre) mapping but are rather members of a fictive DBpedia {{Infobox Succession musicale, or class (?..)

| divers           = {{Succession musicale
 | artiste   = 
 | précédent = 
 | date préc = 
 | suivant   = 
 | date suiv = 

{{Infobox Musique (œuvre)
| charte            = single promotionnel

How to solve that ? Thanks.

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Hello @christianwia,
thank you for tagging me.
Ok you didn’t choose here an easy one !

  • You can see that you will have to implement first a Conditional Mapping because you have a lot of different objects represented by this infobox : album, live, ep…

  • Concerning your focus on the “Succession musicale” subtemplate, I tried to find a concrete example in the french mappings of that kind of template imbrication but i didn’t find it. The best one that i found is in the english one : Mapping en:Infobox automobile - DBpedia Mappings
    Take a look one the engine property, that not a simple property, it is also a subtemplate.
    For solving that mapping, they created an Intermediate node for it, by mapping it first to an Engine Class object and they mapped after each properties.
    But in this case I don’t think that i useful to create a special new class for it, because the “Succession musicale” object is really abstract and depends just to the Wikipedia structure, so my advice is to mapping it to a Thing class.

Thank you again for your contribution @christianwia,