How to download the ontology offline

Hello there,
speaking from a non really tech person I do not properly understand how I can download the Ontology and perform the same queries I do on the SparQL API but locally.

I went here that lead me

I do see there are two files for the ontoloy: .nt and .owl but what exactly do I do with them once I have downloaded them? Can someone help a newbie with step by step setup? :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!

Hm, it depends a bit what you want to do, exactly.

The ontology is managed here: and changes are committed here:

I think you discovered the online SPARQL API:

Reproducing the endpoint is not easy for non-technical persons. We are trying to simplify it, but you would still need to require knowledge about Docker:
We are working on easier download and replication, please tell us better, what you need.