How do I extract the country code from this HTML on OpenRefine?

I’m a newbie in all this, and don’t even know how to refer to some terms correctly, sorry if I’m not very good at explaining myself. I’m trying to find a way to extract the country code, in my case “códigoIso”, from the HTML I managed to obtain on OpenRefine. We haven’t been explained how to do any of it, and can’t find the correct “expression”, so I can parse and get the only information I need: the ISO value of the country code, 32.

<li><span class="literal"><span property="prop-es:códigoIso" xmlns:prop-es="">32</span><small> (xsd:integer)</small></span></li>
</ul></td></tr><tr class="even"><td class="property"><a class="uri" href="ódigoTelefónico"><small>prop-es:</small>códigoTelefónico</a>

I have tried everything I could find on the topic, but keep getting errors, and I’m becoming desperate.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.