How can I check property list that a class has in DBPedia ontology? Is the service( down?

Nice to meet you. I want to use classes in DBPedia ontlogy. Specifically, I want to get the list of classes and the list of properties that the classes have.
Previously, the list of classes (hierarchy) could be confirmed with this URL(, but now it is inaccessible due to a 503 server error. Similarly, I was able to check the property list of the class at the URL, but this is also unavailable.

At least, I found a solution about the class list by writing the following SPARQL.

prefix rdfs: <>
select ?subclass ?superclass where {
  ?subclass rdfs:subClassOf ?superclass

However, how do I get the list of properties that a class has?
For example, I was able to confirm from the above URL that the ComicsCreator class has properties such as “academyAward” like this images.

However, in this URL( that can be confirmed now, the property “academyAward” does not exist.

Welcome @kondo, is quite old and became unstable. Over the last month, we redployed a new version of this service under
Please use this for now. will either redirect to soon or proxy it.

Regarding your question: -> these onto pages do not have that. It is only viewable via


SELECT Distinct ?p count(?p) as ?count 
 ?s a dbo:ComicsCreator. 
 ?s ?p ?o
 } ORDER by DESC(?count)

Otherwise, maybe use + , * as well:

select  ?superclass where {
  dbo:ComicsCreator rdfs:subClassOf* ?superclass

DBpedia Live will also upgrade soon:

Thanks a lot! The new version of service is quite nice.
Your advice is very helpful for me.

And, thank you for teaching me the SPARQL.
I could check properties by using it. I appreciate you.

I’m grateful for all your help.
Can I ask two more questions about getting properties?

Question 1:
I got the properties of dbo:ComicsCreator by executing the SPARQL.
Then how can I get the type of the properties?
For example, I guess the type of the property ‘name’ in dbo:ComicsCreator should be ‘string’. But in this following page I couldn’t find the type.

dbo:ComicsCreator has the property ‘birthPlace’. I couldn’t find the type ‘Place’ in this page.

Question 2:

And, I checked properties of DBPedia ontology class ‘dbo:TimePeriod’ by modifying the SPARQL.

SELECT Distinct ?p count(?p) as ?count 
 ?s a dbo:TimePeriod. 
 ?s ?p ?o
 } ORDER by DESC(?count)

I think it is natural that the class ‘dbo:TimePeriod’ has the property However, the result indicates that the class can have I think it may be strange. Is the property list correct?